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Roisin Fitzpatrick – Artist of the Light®, exhibits regularly on both sides of the Atlantic.

Using natural silks and Swarovski Crystal to maximize the reflection and refraction of light, Roisin's art fuses light and imagery, creating an entirely unique medium.

Roisin draws on the wisdom of her Irish heritage for inspiration, from illustrating the illumination of Newgrange at the winter solstice to various aspects of light in nature including the Whirlpool Galaxy, water crystals and fractal designs.


The Whirlpool Galaxy, Starburst and Meteor artworks illustrate the infinity of light in the universe.


The web (Web of Light), ammonite (Spiral of Life) and the Snowflake artworks all bring to light the beauty in nature.

Mythology of the Tuatha de Danann:

The "Gods of life and light" were the mythical race, led by the goddess Danu/Dana, who inhabited Ireland. The artwork entitled Tuatha de Danann depicts the shape-shifting abilities of this race to transform into pure light and disappear into the "Otherworlds" such as the land of eternal youth, Tir na n-Og.

Thus, astronomy, mythology, nature and the spiral designs in pre–Celtic art all merge to become one universal theme. A common thread in this universal tapestry is LIGHT.