Endorsements for Roisin Fitzpatrick Artist of the Light®


Deepak Chopra, New York Times #1 best selling author of Perfect Health
H.E. Michael Collins

"Roisin’s artworks are a great example of contemporary Irish art...thank you Roisin for bringing much needed light into our lives at this time when we risk being overwhelmed by darkness. Thank you for creating works of beauty and joy…Ireland is very proud of our rich culture and the work of our contemporary artists. It is a measure of the vibrancy and resilience of Ireland that we continue to produce such wonderful talent as Roisin."

H.E. Michael Collins, former Ambassador of Ireland to the United States
Romy Downey

"Roisin Fitzpatrick's art inspires us to connect with the light within, creating more peace and joy in our lives. We hope you enjoy her art as much as we do."

Roma Downey, actor from Touched by an Angel
Noel Kilkenny, Consul General of Ireland, New York

"Roisin Fitzpatrick's beautiful art, with its combination of modern and Celtic elements, is a great example of contemporary Irish art."

Noel Kilkenny, former Consul General of Ireland, New York
Marianne Williamson, New York Times #1 bestselling author of Return to Love

"Roisin Fitzpatrick's art has blessed my life, reminding me always of the light inherent in everything."

Marianne Williamson, New York Times #1 bestselling author of Return to Love
Christy O Connor Jnr. World Champion Golfer

"I was so lucky to meet Roisin Fitzpatrick in the US at a function where she had given one of her amazing pieces of art to be auctioned for a children's charity. Just handling the artwork, I felt inexplicable joy and well being. I bought the piece and now this wonderful energy is in my home. Everytime I look at it, I receive amazing healing energy from the art, thank you Roisin."

Christy O’Connor Jnr, professional golfer, winner of the Ryder Cup
Niall Burgess

"Roisin Fitzpatrick's art brings to light the rich heritage of ancient Celtic form in a way that is universal and can be shared by all."

Mr Niall Burgess, Secretary General of the Department of Foreign Affairs
Loretta Brennan Glucksman, Chairperson of the American Ireland Fund

"Mesmerizing, beautifully exquisite art."

Loretta Brennan Glucksman, Chairman Emeritus of the American Ireland Fund
Dr Christine Ranck, Author of Ignite the Genuis Within

"Artists often say they work with the light but Roisin Fitzpatrick does it literally.... By capturing the magnitude and power of the universe, she brilliantly makes the link between that which is infinite both inside and outside."

Dr Christine Ranck, Author of Ignite the Genuis Within
Sean Mahon, former leading actor in the 39 Steps on Broadway

"The simplicity and the purity of the work is complimented by the complexity and depth of the designs. Every piece seems to draw you in deeper and deeper, in the same way ROISIN does when you sit and spend time with her. It is as if her art is a perfect reflection of her soul. To gaze upon it, is to gaze into the very heart of the artist."

Sean Mahon, actor in the movie Philomena and former leading actor in the 39 Steps on Broadway
Robert Mack, author of Happiness from the Inside Out

"Thank you, Roisin, for sharing your light and love with all of us. You are, quite literally, a light to the world. Thank you for reminding us that one awakened person can help to awaken the whole world simply by sharing their love. And thank you for reminding us that one lit candle can, literally, "enlighten" millions of others while not decreasing in light or shrinking in love whatsoever... but instead by growing in love and increasing in light all the while!"

Robert Mack, author of Happiness from the Inside Out

"I have known Roisin for more than twenty years since we studied economics together at Trinity College Dublin. What is striking about Roisin now is a deep calm and a sense of light that pervades her life. This serenity and sense of "the light" is the inspiration for and is communicated through Roisin's art…Her art offers the possibility for viewers to connect to their inner knowing to create similar calm and well-being in their own lives."

Margaret Doyle, Economist

"Roisin's work is truly inspirational… the art works quietly and subtly to center you. Highly recommended for anyone who is in a high pressure job, and needs to be calm, focused and serene at the center of the professional day. Thank you Roisin for sharing your amazing gift with us all."

Dr Carol Symth, Medical Director

"There is magic and beauty that is unique to her work as Artist of the Light. Thank you Roisin we purchased artwork but were given so much more."

Jason Horseman (Australia)

"Love and Light are the essential elements of Roisin's art. We are honored to have this artwork in our home, creating a beautiful atomsphere of love and light. Thank you Roisin for sharing your light through this magnificient art."

Roger Hickey (USA)

"Thank you for such a beautiful experience, what a wonderful art form, your light shines through."

Sylvia (UK)

"This artwork is amazing and its effects far reaching. Initially I was caught by how the light dances across the crystals, yet like a fine art landscape painting the more you look the more you see and the more you experience. These pieces exude a tangible warmth, calmness and love."

Hazel Burrowes (Ireland)

"Stunning art, first class, more!"

Neil Byrne (Ireland)

"Remarkable art, I really FEEL it!"

Denis Larkin (UK)

"Roisin’s art provides a brilliant marriage of stunning crystals with finest quality silk to refract incoming light in all spatial dimensions. A unique product meticulously and lovingly created that communicates the artist’s inner beauty and conveys a variety of emotions from calming to exciting by merely adding different colored lighting. Truly spectacular!"

Cambridge Development Corporation (USA)

"I’ve read about what Roisin Fitzpatrick endeavours to convey in her artwork, infusing her work with a love, a passion and a strength of spirit. I wondered if it were possible for anyone to illustrate or communicate these things to each individual as our interpretation is as unique as we are. Nonetheless she has done it, I have observed myself and others view her work and all of us come away having had the same experience, one of love and peace. Thank you Roisin."

Mary Rose Glennon (USA/Ireland)

"Amazing, inspiring, beautiful."

Priati (India)

"Beautiful……..the beauty lies beyond words."

Mary Kelly (Ireland)

"Roisin your artwork is so beautiful. Your art shines with light and love. I am particularly impressed by the pure geometry and layering of the crystals in interwoven compositions."

Joseph Little, Architect (Ireland)

"I admittedly had reservations when others waxed lyrical about how art can bring us outside of ourselves, or deeper within ourselves. I now have a piece of Roisin’s artwork in my home. Each day, I take the time, rather, the opportunity, to be still with the artwork. Looking not just at it, but within it, the artwork reminds me that the peace, hope, and love we seek is the light that is always within us and all around us."

Dan Dooher

"It’s beautiful art, thank you for sharing your gift with the world."

Priyahia (USA)

"Such a fantastic spiral of light which is totally hypnotic – I love it!"

Rishi (Ireland)

"Brilliant art, stunning work! Brings you into a trance-like state. Wonderful for peaceful meditation. Loved every piece."

Bindy Davis (Ireland)

"Powerful! Inspires the awakened heart and the realised soul. Absolutely beautiful and magical."

Agnes Gannon (Ireland)

"Upon viewing Roisin’s creations one feels a sense of calmness. Positive energy radiates from her unique breathtaking art, which is a true reflection of Roisin to anyone who knows her. She is truly an inspiration."

Corinne Vercillo (USA)

"Stunning pieces of really original art. Beautiful, uplifting, inspiring and radiant, a pleasure to experience."

Ann Dempsey (Ireland)

"Exquisitely expressed art – captivating, enchanting, intriguing, enlightening and beautiful!"

Claire Haugh (Ireland)

"Fabulous pieces, Roisin and a great pleasure to view and experience in my home."

Josephine Kelly (Ireland)

"Beautiful images, inspirational – thank you."

Helga (Germany)

"It is difficult to articulate or to convey in the written word the sense one gets when looking at, or even more so when surrounded by these creations. Roisin is wholeheartedly and honourably an Artist of the Light. I feel loving warmth about me in the presence of the artwork I have purchased. I feel illuminated in my heart and being as I sit here looking at this beautiful image in the dusk of the day. Even on the days when I do not have time or indeed the inclination to sit and appreciate my artwork, it always seems to ‘twinkle’ at me as if to say, that’s ok I am seeing and appreciating you. I love, love, love it. –Thank you!"

Ciara Bradley (Ireland)

"Such purity and clarity, inspired and inspiring– wonderful work!"

Nicola Connolly-Byrne (Ireland)

"Such beauty expressed through crystals, thank you."

Michael Nicholas (UK)

"Beautiful art, very inspiring, original holistic designs."

Sinead Abbott (Ireland)

"Inspired and inspiring!"

Jose (USA)

"Absolutely stunning! Your artwork has beautiful energy and is an amazing inspiration."

Amanda (Canada)