Presentations of Roisin Fitzpatrick Artist of the Light®

Roisin Fitzpatrick Speaking Roisin Fitzpatrick Speaking Roisin Fitzpatrick at United Nations, Mew York

European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 Conference, Dublin Castle - September 2018
(Sponsored by The Irish Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht)

Howth Literary Festival, Howth Castle, County Dublin - June 2017

Positive Nights, Powerscourt Townhouse Theatre, Dublin - October 2016

Ireland Gateway to Europe in Boston College - April 2016

Culture Night 2015 - September 2015

Hodges Figgis Book Festival 2015 - September 2015

Conscious Capitalism Conference, Bentley University, near Boston - May 2012

IIBN Irish International Business Network, Women in Business with Senator Mary-Ann O’Brien at the Consulate General of Ireland, New York - October 2011

United Nations SRC Enlightenment Society, New York - May 2010 & October 2011

Irish Business Organisation at the Consulate General of Ireland, New York - October 2011

All Hallows High School at the Consulate General of Ireland, New York - October 2011

Society of Enlightened Entrepreneurs, New York – October 2009 & October 2011

East West, 78 Fifth Avenue at 14th Street, New York, NY 10011 – October 2009 and July 2010

Association for Research and Enlightenment, New York – May 2009 and October 2010

Body Balance Center, Bedford Falls, New Jersey – June 2010

"Roisin Fitzpatrick IS the Artist of the Light. Her art is an extension of who she is and of what she shares with the world. Her healing energy as expressed through the arrangement of the crystals flows through to the exhibition space. I have witnessed the shift personally and have also experienced the effect that the art has on other people. Roisin is also an excellent public speaker as she speaks from her heart. By freely sharing her life experiences in an easy and humorous style, the audience is invited to follow Roisin's journey. Audience members relate to Roisin's story through their own life experiences and unlock their true potential. It is of interest for me to note that if you are interested in setting a calm energy for your public space, these designs are certain to complete that goal. Roisin is easy to work with and a professional in her manner...simply put, she is a beautiful person who affects positive change."

Alicia Klat, Founder of the Society of Enlightened Entrepreneurs

"Roisin Fitzpatrick is indeed an Artist of the Light. Roisin's artwork is described as beautiful which it truly is. Her radiance flows into the art pieces uniquely providing the viewer with an experience of venturing within the work and within oneself resulting in one's being inspired."

Denise Scotto, United Nations SRC Enlightenment Society

"Roisin's work is a mirror of her glowing personality. She is an extra-ordinary person and an outstanding artist. Insightful, generous, passionate and talented she embodies what it means to live and breathe through one's art. If you haven't seen her work, or heard her speak, make sure you do as soon as possible, to be mesmerized and connected to the Divine."

Kate Rolston, Founder/CEO, Real Savvy Media, Inc

"It has been my great pleasure to collaborate with and get to know Roisin Fitzpatrick as we have worked together on several projects. Roisin is a person of great integrity and intelligence in addition to being an enormously gifted artist. She is a fearless and natural leader, and at times has an almost electrifying power to galvanize the people around her toward a particular goal. Her magnificent artwork inspires the viewer, and expresses Roisin's own personal energy and her depth of character."

Dr Christine Ranck, Author of the best-selling Ignite the Genius Within